15 Days to Knowing Thyself

by Kerry Pastine

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For years I've heard people talk about wanting to try meditation, but avoiding it for fear of failing at it. In reality, we can't shut our minds off, but we can calm and soothe the mind and body with the right focus. That's where I come in. Each day I guide you into a peaceful state and a deeper sense of self. I ask you questions you wouldn't be able to answer in the middle of a hectic day. This quiet time gives you the chance to ponder or “meditate” on yourself and your life, giving you insight and a new motivation internally and externally.


released September 12, 2013

Kerry Pastine, Paul Shellooe



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Kerry Pastine Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Day 1 - Let Peace In
Have you ever craved just 10 minutes of peace and quiet? We all have. We can get pulled in so many directions that our priorities and our perspective becomes skewed to a point where taking time for peace and quiet can feel like another task. Most of the time peace and quiet never even makes the list. Just take a moment to catch your breath, get quiet and be here.

For the next 10 minutes we're going to focus on being right here in the moment with yourself and for yourself. Breathe...I'll do the rest.

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Track Name: Day 2 - Peace instead of Diversions
Once you give yourself a little quiet time, peace naturally shows up. The world will always be full of demanding distractions so remember peace is only minutes away.

Setting aside small amounts of time puts you back in the driver's seat where you can steer yourself back onto your path of calm. A calm you creates a relaxed and happy you. Take a few moments to catch your breath, hit the reset button and find your quiet peaceful place.

What you are doing is calming your body and spirit, which allows your brain to think more clearly. Take note that when you feel peaceful, distractions aren't a big deal. You can handle them quickly and with focus. When we've gone too long without peace and quiet, our tendency is to get overwhelmed and run to another distraction or diversion to temporarily escape from anxiety.

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Track Name: Day 3 - Listen to your Emotions
Now that you've taken a moment to check in, how are you feeling today? Checking in with your feelings gives you vital information. Whatever feelings you're experiencing today, you can probably see how they are prompting your behavior. Feelings create behavior.

Like a compass, your emotions are letting you know where you're at and if it's time to change course. In just a couple of minutes, you checked in, took some personal inventory of your behavior and decided whether a course correction was necessary. You are the captain of your ship. Take this time to get quiet and listen.

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Track Name: Day 4 - Design Peace into your Day
How you set up your day has a lot to do with how you feel throughout your day. Peace lowers your blood pressure and gives you energy. Peace clears the mind and give you perspective. Think about your home environment. Mentally walk through your most important rooms at home and think about how they make you feel. Is there a way you can bring peace into your home?

Because you are now in a proactive place rather than a reactive place, you feel the power of peace. Let peace be your foundation for all that you are and all that you desire. Setting up your day this way allows you to go out into your world with a clear direction, a sound mind and meaningful intention.

Design peace into your day.

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Track Name: Day 5 - Choose Peaceful Self-talk
You are learning the importance of treating yourself to peaceful moments. You are learning to be available for inward communication. You are taking care of you.

Are you noticing a change in your relationship with yourself? Take a moment to recognize those changes.

A positive sense of self is something we all desire to have. Accepting who we are is one of life's greatest challenges. You understand how important it is to interact with children using patience and encouragement. It is what helps them feel safe and confident enough to try things.

Are you patient with yourself? Do you encourage yourself?

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Track Name: Day 6- Choose Peaceful & Positive Thoughts
You are now tuned into how your thoughts create your feelings. How your feelings create your behavior. And how your behavior creates your outcomes. Everything is tied back to our thoughts.

From your own self talk and your own positive outlook, you are in a very insightful part of your growth; recognizing how you play a part in your feelings. When you feel anxious, it's most likely the result of having a fearful thought. Thoughts can be changed. Let your emotions be your queue.

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Track Name: Day 7 - Make Peace with Your Life & with Your Past
What have you overcome in your life? Acknowledging who you are and what you've accomplished allows you to see yourself in a softer light.

You probably realize that you have overcome many hardships. Looking back can now feel as good as looking forward. There is much to be proud of when reflecting on your journey. Even on the bad days of your past, you overcame difficulties and moved forward.

You are a positive person. You are strong and capable.

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Track Name: Day 8 - Say Yes to Yourself & to Your Dreams
You have chosen the path of peace. You are choosing time for peace and quiet, which has created internal and external peace. You are practicing calming your mind, body and spirit. You are seeing yourself and the world around you through a softer lens.

Who are you at your best?

Did you see yourself smiling, laughing, loving? What were you doing in those moments? You were probably open to love. You were probably open to inner creativity. You were probably open to fun. When you are receptive and open, you receive.

When you allow yourself to receive, you are free

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Track Name: Day 9 - Embrace Change
You are allowing newness into your life. You are allowing yourself to have. Whenever you do this, you look forward. Think about the feelings that come up when you are looking forward to a vacation. A new found energy happens, giving you motivation and purpose. The way that you think changes. Your perspective changes. Your behavior changes. Looking forward is powerful.

Take this quiet moment to ask yourself if you have something to look forward to.

Because change is inevitable and because you are always outgrowing something, consider this. You are constantly gravitating toward something new and different. Your life shape shifts in months and years without you really noticing.

What have you been gravitating towards lately? What has been moving you or inspiring you?

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Track Name: Day 10 - Trust In Yourself & In Your Life
You are doing a beautiful job of knowing yourself.Knowing yourself gives you the feeling of self control.You now understand that feeling in control comes from simply being with yourself, listening to yourself and loving yourself. You are your own guide.

Isn't it interesting that controlling a person, a situation or an outcome doesn't make you feel in control? We want to control everything, but the truth is that there is no such thing as control. Freeing yourself from the burden of control makes your life much easier.

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Track Name: Day 11 - Feel Self-Fulfilled & Worthy
By being here for yourself more, a powerful shift has occurred. You need less from the world around you. You have everything you need within; peace, insight, awareness and clarity. The more connected you are with yourself, the more peaceful your connections become with the world.

You no longer need the validation that you sought from relationships. You can see that western culture has created an unhealthy cycle. We have learned to disconnect from self and then try to fill our personal needs with more of what is out there. Material possessions, over indulging, work and money obsessions have become a trap, making us emotionally, physically and spiritually malnourished. We just want to feel better, but we don't know how.

What have you stopped needing since you have created time for peace and quiet?

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Track Name: Day 12 - Manifest Your Own Greatness
Your daily peace has taken you on a journey of self discovery. Visualize yourself on a trek. You are in touch with your senses. You are intuitive. You have an internal compass that is guiding you. No longer finding yourself inside of the storm, you are having more days of sunshine. You know where you are going. You are trusting yourself.

Bask in your journey.

Because you are resourceful, you are no longer afraid of what may happen. You move through experiences, coming out of them with even more power. Rather than hoping for a good day, you are creating a good day. There is truth in the saying, “You can do anything that you set your mind to”. Creating a vision for your goals and dreams lays the groundwork for accomplishing them.

Visualize a personal dream.

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Track Name: Day 13 - Peaceful Communication
Healthy communication feels good. Like tossing a ball back and forth, there is an exchange that can create all kinds of positive outcomes. We walk away from good conversations feeling wonderful, like we have received something great.

Take a moment to reflect on what makes a great conversation.

Respect is the foundation for all great communication. By respecting each other, we take nothing from the other, but receive much. Respect honors each other's life experiences and knowledge. Respect acknowledges the other's goodness. Respect starts within.

You have been learning to respect yourself, your experiences and your story through just minutes of peace and quiet. Can you see the transformation inside?

In what new ways is your self respect showing up?

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Track Name: Day 14 - Friend-ventory
You are developing a deeper relationship with yourself through just 10 minutes of quiet each day. You can see that how you show up and what you talk about with yourself is what makes a strong relationship.

Certain people bring out the best in you. You know who they are by the good feelings that you get whenever you think of this person. Good friends love you no matter what. They let you be exactly who you are, during the good times and the bad. You are learning how to be this kind of a friend to yourself.

The quality of people you surround yourself with determines your quality of life. As you grow emotionally, you attract more emotionally healthy people. When you hang around people who are troubled, who complain and who don't take responsibility for their health and happiness, you will most likely suffer in the same areas.

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Track Name: Day 15 - The Garden of You
Creating a space where you can be alone, meditate, think and reflect is now the most important place in your life. This is where you heal, rejuvenate and design.

Create a space that allows you to go within on a regular basis.

You are creativity embodied. You create daily whether you are conscious of this or not. Each morning, you have another new day to create anything you want. Opportunities, conversations, schedules, relationships, music and meals, you are always in a state of creativity. Each day, you will inevitably outgrow something and feel ready for something new.

What kind of creativity do you feel is missing in your life right now?

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